best orbital sander

Best orbital sander

If you’re looking to achieve a smooth, polished finish on your woodworking projects, the Best orbital sander is a must-have tool in your workshop. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best orbital sander for your needs. In this article, we will review the top options available and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which orbital sander to add to your toolkit.

Some tips on how to use an orbital sander:

  1. Choose the right sandpaper grit: The grit of the sandpaper will determine how much material is removed from the surface being sanded. Coarse grits are best for removing paint or varnish, while fine grits are used for finishing and smoothing.
  2. Wear safety gear: When sanding, wear safety gear such as safety glasses and a dust mask to protect your eyes and lungs from dust and debris.
  3. Keep the sander flat: To avoid creating uneven surfaces, keep the sander flat and apply even pressure. Sand in a circular or back-and-forth motion to ensure even sanding.
  4. Sand in stages: Start with a coarse grit sandpaper and gradually move to a finer grit. This will help you achieve a smooth finish without leaving any scratches or swirl marks.
  5. Clean the surface after sanding: After sanding, clean the surface with a tack cloth or vacuum to remove any dust or debris.

By following these tips, you can effectively use an orbital sander for your woodworking and DIY projects.

BOSCH ROS10 120 Volt Random Orbit Sander

The Bosch ROS10 5-In. Single-speed palm random orbit sander/polisher delivers fast removal and a well-blended, ultra-smooth finish, so woodworkers and finish carpenters can sand quickly and to exacting standards.

It is designed to eliminate swirl marks on the workpiece, thanks to an integral pad dampening braking system. Bosch’s hook-and-loop disc attachment ensure firm grip of the disc during use.

Additionally, the microcellular backing pad is pliable to ensure a smooth, fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces alike. With a comfortable soft-grip top and body design, this 2.5 Amp sander delivers 12,000 OPM for first-class stock removal.

It also includes an on-board system for filtering fine dust.

BOSCH ROS10 120 Volt Random Orbit Sander

  • Integral pad dampening braking system to prevent swirl marks
  • 2.5 Amp motor delivers 12,000 OPM
  • Random orbit sanding action – combination of pad orbit and rotation deliver well-blended, ultra-smooth finish with fast removal rate
  • Hook-and-loop disc attachment for firm grip
  • Microcellular backing pad for smooth, fine finishes

5 inch Pneumatic Orbital Sander

ZHONG AN 5″ air palm sander tool is professional high quality,stable speed,360 Degree Exhaust,Unique ergonomic grip provides Ease of Use and offers greater comfort and control for you.

5 inch Pneumatic Orbital Sander

  • 5″ Air Random Orbital Sander—high strength,durability, efficiency and easy to control.
  • Built-in regulator for speed control of 12000 RPM to make your projects flat and smooth.
  • This dual action sander is ideal for auto body, furniture,wood, metal products, widely used for sanding, grinding, polishing and waxing and cutting, etc.
  • Air powered sander with hoop and loop pad which is easy to change sanding discs. Sanding pad: 5″; Max Speed: 12000RPM; Air Inlet: 1/4″; Working Pressure: 90PSI; Air Consumption: 4CFM.

Dynabrade Orbital Sander

Dynabrade (56815) Dynorbital Supreme 5″ (127 mm) Diameter Random Orbital Sander, Non-Vacuum | Proportionate 3/16″ (5 mm) Diameter Orbit | 12000 RPM Pneumatic Motor

Diameter Random Orbital Sander

  • 5″ (127 mm), 3/16″ (5 mm) diameter orbit for a swirl-free finish; has premium weight-mated sanding pad; convertible to vacuum tools; ready for connection to dust collection systems.
  • Non-slip over-mold on base insulates. Air motor has vibration-absorbing rings (Patent No. 5,319,888). Front double row balancer bearing (Patent No. 4,854,085) protected from residue.
  • Comfort Platform provides additional hand and wrist support, increased protection against cold air exhaust; Comfort Platform (Patent No. D610,428) is easily installed.

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander, 12,000 OPM, Brushless Motor for Extra Long Run Time, Bare Tool Only (DCW210B)

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

  • Orbital sander with brushless motor provides runtime and efficiency to get the job done
  • Variable-speed control of the hand sander from 8,000 to 12,000 OPM to match the speed to the application.
  • Low-profile height of the power sander allows user to get close to work surface for precise sanding.
  • Replaceable 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding pad (DWE64233) for quick, easy paper changing.

3M Xtract Electric Random Orbital Sander

3M Xtract Clean Sanding Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your sanding application needs. From net discs to random orbital sanders and portable dust extraction units, we have everything you need to help boost productivity and part quality in your operation. Introducing a new line of tools and accessories ergonomically designed for ease of use and optimal dust extraction. So that you don’t have to compromise high performance for dust management.

3M Xtract Electric Random Orbital Sander

  • Built with high-quality components that stand up to long hours on the shop floor
  • Whisper quiet for precision-balanced motor for smoother running
  • Smaller and lighter (3 lb) than traditional electric sanders. The composite cover is completely encased with 3M Gripping Material, increasing operator control while absorbing and reducing vibration


an orbital sander is a versatile and efficient tool that can make sanding tasks much easier and quicker. When choosing an orbital sander, consider factors such as size, power, speed, and dust collection. Make sure to use the appropriate sandpaper for the task at hand, and always wear protective gear such as goggles and a mask. By following the tips for using an orbital sander safely and effectively, you can achieve a smooth and professional finish on your woodworking projects.

Buyer Guide

If you’re still unsure about which orbital sander is the right one for you, here are some factors to consider:

Power: The power of an orbital sander is measured in amps. Generally, the higher the amps, the more powerful the sander will be. If you’re planning on sanding large, rough surfaces, you’ll want a sander with at least 3-amp power.

Speed: Orbital sanders come with variable speed options, which allow you to adjust the speed of the sander based on the type of material you’re working with. Look for a sander with at least two speed settings to ensure versatility.

Dust Collection: Sanding produces a lot of dust, which can be harmful to your health and make a mess in your workspace. Look for a sander with a good dust collection system, such as a built-in dust bag or a vacuum attachment.

Ergonomics: Make sure the orbital sander you choose is comfortable to hold and use. Look for a model with a soft grip handle and good balance, which will reduce fatigue and increase precision.

Durability: Look for an orbital sander with a sturdy construction and durable components. A metal gearbox is preferable to a plastic one, and a metal sanding pad is more durable than a plastic one.

By taking these factors into account, you can find the best orbital sander for your needs and take your woodworking projects to the next level.