best budget Bandsaw

Best budget bandsaw

You already know what is a bandsaw and some features of a good bandsaw have and we assume you also have a rough budget in mind for a good quality best budget bandsaw. So you are in need a straight guide which will help you to choose Best budget bandsaw.

After reading this article you will know about the features and budget for a quality bandsaw and the things you need to consider before purchasing.

But first, let’s see some tips on how to use Bandsaw safely:

  1. Wear appropriate safety gear: Always wear eye protection and hearing protection when using a bandsaw. If you are cutting wood, wear a dust mask to protect your lungs.
  2. Keep the blade guard in place: The blade guard helps to protect your fingers from the moving blade. Make sure the guard is in place and working properly before you start using the saw.
  3. Check the blade tension: A properly tensioned blade will cut more accurately and reduce the risk of the blade breaking. Check the blade tension before each use.
  4. Adjust the blade guides: The blade guides help to keep the blade running straight and true. Adjust the guides so that they are as close to the workpiece as possible without touching it.
  5. Use the right blade for the job: Different blades are designed for different materials and thicknesses. Make sure you are using the right blade for the job to ensure clean and accurate cuts.
  6. Use a push stick or push block: When cutting small or narrow pieces, use a push stick or push block to keep your fingers away from the blade.
  7. Keep the work area clean: Cluttered work areas can be dangerous. Keep your work area clean and free of debris to reduce the risk of accidents.

By following these tips, you can safely use a bandsaw and enjoy the benefits of this versatile tool. now let’s start with our list of the best budget Bandsaw

Grizzly G0555 14-Inch Bandsaw

The ultimate Grizzly G0555 model is on top of the list among all the bandsaw because of it’ s brilliant construction, ease of use and professional features, perfect for doing lots of heavy projects. Grizzly has some other similar model out there and a bit difficult to distinguish from one model to another. This model made in Taiwan is 14’’ bandsaw with cast iron aluminum wheels.

It’s cutting height is maximum 6’’, if you want a bit more like 12’’ then you can purchase a riser kit and if you want to move the saw a bit around the floor especially when working with larger wood you can bought another mobile base kit.

The saw is perfectly assembled, with the blade mounted, still the sheet metal basement table and fence also need to be assembled and very easy for a person to set up all alone. Best of this product is table is lower than other and build in lamp and perfectly illuminated around the blade.

Grizzly G0555 14-Inch Bandsaw

  • 1 HP motor, pre-wired 110V / 220V compatible, single-phase (11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V)
  • Max cutting height: 6″
  • Cutting capacity at throat: 13-1/2″
  • Includes 3/8″ blade, extruded aluminum fence and miter gauge
  • 14″ x 14″ table
  • Table tilt: 45 deg. right, 15 deg. Left
  • Floor to table height: 43-5/16″
  • Blade size: 92-1/2″ to 93-1/2″ (1/8″ to 3/4″ wide)
  • Blade speeds: 1500 & 3200 FPM

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

Best budget benchtop bandsaws available in the market. Perfectly fit for small projects mostly for woodworking. Construction is heavy sturdy, runs very smoothly and does not make extra boring noise. If you’re a machinist or an old carpenter looking for better machine then this is the best choice within budget.

Squarish and flat cast iron table, and the PhD in Spatial Quantum Mechanics does not require any tracking adjustments. ⅓ HP motor produce strong power for cutting woods, comes with 5 years limited warranty.

Changing blade and adjusting the guides takes only a few minute. As far as the stock feed properly the saw will cut correctly. It’s not ideal to force wood faster into any saw or equipment than the wood needs to be cut.

It has a fence which can be adjust very easily at least 8 out of 10 times. ⅓ HP engine which is quite lower that means it will be difficult to deal with thicker and heavier species of wood .You can find some other bandsaw available in the market with same configuration but this is almost impossible to find another bandsaw within same budget.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

  • Solid Steel Design- The 10-305 is a scaled down version of the popular 10-345 and 10-325. Frame is made of steel plate, stronger than plastic frames used by other manufactures
  • Rip Fence- A quality rip fence is now included. Easily removed to do free hand work
  • Motor – 1/3HP motor provides ample power for cutting bowl and pen blanks
  • Micro Adjustable Guide Post- Raise and lower the guide post height with the turn of a handle

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

With the WEN 3962, you are able to get several of the greatest cuts of any sort of bandsaw, in a fraction of the price, high end saw for the cost and can cut through almost anything you do around the home for DIY woodworking or projects.

What is great about this particular saw is just how well it does for its price tag. We are calling it our greatest budget item and that is why – you are able to get outstanding results that are great for a portion of the price of several of the various other models we reviewed.

This 10″ design has a table which tilts as much as forty five degrees allowing it to run at 2 different speeds, making it possible for you to change it with the task at hand.

Initial setup takes longer compared to other bandsaw. The bottom wheel need more adjustment than some other types when switching blades, sometimes which may be frustrating if you are a bandsaw beginner. Once set properly, it starts to cut straight with full power.

It is important to mention that you will find some drawbacks to purchasing this bandsaw, in spite of its reasonable value. The regulators are really vulnerable and a little unforgiving so it may be difficult to obtain the options to where you need them. This is particularly true with smaller, thinner blades.

Additionally, while this particular saw comes with 2 speeds, the engine belt has being eliminated and modified to transition between them. There is no simple control to go forth and back between the fast speed as well as the slow one.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

  • 3.5 amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide
  • Uses 72-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size
  • Spacious 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch work table bevels up to 45 degrees
  • Operates at two speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM
  • Optional stand allows for either floor standing or bench top applications
  • Includes a 2-year warranty, a stand, a work light, a 3-in-1 dust port, a fence, a miter gauge, and a 3/8-inch blade (6 TPI)

SKIL 3386-01 Band-Saw

The very best thing to choose the SKIL 3386 01 is, it is dirt cheap. Like all cheap items, there is a reason which might not go right way. The controls are not hard to understand and the big angle scale is much easier to read.

This’s a great bandsaw for a novice. It is extremely low-cost and a great starter saw for somebody simply learning how to utilize a bandsaw. Because of it’s very few horsepower, it’ll just be helpful for small DIY crafts or jobs and will not be ideal scenario to deal with an excessive amount of stress without bogging down. Though it does the task it was created to do.

In case you attempt to utilize this particular unit for big jobs or with heavy, hardwood, you will most likely be disappointed in its overall performance. It is essential to retain in your mind that since it’s very very light and just has 0.4 HP, it was not created to take on jobs that are difficult. When you are searching for anything to do little tasks with, this one works just fine without emptying your wallet.

SKIL 3386-01 Band-Saw

  • Rip fence for straight, accurate cuts; 6 TPI band saw blade cuts through a variety of wood materials
  • Articulating LED work light for better view of work piece and cut line
  • Features a 1-1/2 inch dust port that keeps work area clear of dust
  • Rack and pinion table adjustment for quick angle and height adjustments
  • Motor is 1 speed for wood or metal based materials

WEN 3959 Bandsaw

The WEN 3959 is a great bandsaw for hobbyists & those who just want to focus on projects that are small, as it is just a 9″ model. Generally, these affordable bandsaws have low-priced blades and this appears to be a quality above that.

Like any other units, it’s a table that are able to bevel as much as 45 degrees, meaning you could make some more complex cuts. It can possess a smaller dust port, indicating more cleanup shall be needed.

In case you are not aiming to work on furniture or even do something especially complicated, this particular bandsaw might be fine, though it lacks the power present in some other models.

WEN 3959 Bandsaw

  • 2.5 amp motor rotates the blade up to 2500 feet per minute
  • Create cuts up to 3-1/2 inches deep and 9 inches wide
  • Uses 59-1/2 inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size
  • Spacious 12-1/4 x 11-7/8 inch work table bevels up to 45 degrees
  • Includes a 1/4-inch-wide blade, a 2-1/2 inch dust port, a rip fence, a miter gauge and a two-year warranty

Powermatic PWBS-14CSBandsaw

Powermatic PWBS-14CS, this bandsaw has a big working table. The control gauges are not hard to read and also set to various size blades. Changing blades is a lot easier. It is a simple machine that is ideal for hobbyists, DIYers, and woodworkers.

The 60 watt halogen lamp actually makes this particular model stand out. It is built directly into the body and also shines light straight onto the blade so that you are able to quickly see what you are working with. Additionally you get a great deal of horsepower for the cost.

This’s among the most affordable models we reviewed and it is quite impressive. The power alone is astonishing for such a low price tag. This’s a good piece of gear that must have the ability to tackle almost all home jobs and some gentle professional ones.

The operating and assembly instructions are confusing so basic installation may take some time, as will discovering how you can make different changes in the machine. It has a 5 year warranty.

Powermatic PWBS-14CSBandsaw

  • Has precision-balanced nine-spoke cast iron wheels that creates smoother blade travel reducing vibration.
  • The built-in chip blower ensures clean, visible cut lines.
  • 60-watt adjustable lamp, built into the body, provides direct light on blade and work piece while cutting (bulb not included).
  • BLADE CONTROL: Micro-adjustable dual-bearing blade guide system provides less friction and close blade control.


The Jet JWBS-14XD PRO is a versatile, strong tool, The cast iron frame will keep the saw steady and absolutely no riser block is necessary to assist with the toughest tasks. To ensure that this particular saw keeps up its quality of performance season after season, a high tension spring supplies consistency and the fast release stress causes it to be easy to make fast changes.

Along with just how powerful and precise this particular unit is, it also includes a distinctive stand which has storage that will help you maintain workspace less cluttered and much more structured.

This saw in quite a large financial investment but is an excellent, powerful tool to possess for a lot of tasks or maybe any sort of expert, long-term work.

With the lower and upper ball bearing blade, quick adjustment, and guides tracking window, this device is precise and powerful sufficient for professional use. There are several issues with the stress spring not holding onto wide cutters well, but the moment you play with it for a sense for just how it is supposed to go, this issue usually rectifies itself.


  • Cuts Larger Pieces: Built-in 12″ resaw capacity
  • Increased Strength and Rigidity: Redesigned upper and lower cast iron frame
  • Longer Blade Life: Upper and lower ball bearing guides reduce friction
  • Added Convenience: Quick-release blade tension
  • Handy Storage: Enclosed stand contains a storage shelf and easy access door
  • Greater Blade Tensioning: High tension spring design


The Grizzly G0555 is our top pick best budget band saws. The SKIL 3386-01, has very limited feature but because of low price tag also worth to purchase. The Rikon 10-305, nonetheless, trumped both within the importance category, if the most bang for the dollar, and which makes it an excellent all around purchase for experienced and inexperienced employees alike.

We wish you discover this guide helpful, not simply due to the precise ratings of the various band saws but as well due to the info you obtained about band saws on the whole. There is a large amount of info out there, and often it can be difficult to know what is appropriate and what is just marketing fluff. Ideally, this guide is going to help to purchase the right product which you mostly fit.

Buyer Guide

We hope we have given you plenty of insight into band saws within the above mentioned reviews that will help you to take the correct decision for the needs of yours when you are prepared to purchase, whether you are a novice or an expert.

Understanding what power and features you need to finish your projects is essential when buying a band saw. While we do not understand your particular project, we’ve some fundamental suggestions that we have take in consideration when reviewing these band saws.

Choosing A Great Band Saw

When we have reviewed these band saws we deeply look on few things quality, simplicity of assembly, the assortment of included features, along with raw power.
Assuming you have bought tools before, you understand that being cheap might wind up costing you much more cash in the end. You might wind up replacing a cheap tool a lot sooner than you would love to.

So, we thought the longevity of each band saw an important aspect. Although a few have been priced higher, they wound up creating a greater per dollar worth since they are going to last longer. Because of this, we rated band saws with such functions more compared to some other devices.

Ease of assembly for a band saw is highly essential. Every band saw is going to require a little tuning and assembly right from the package, not to mention the essential re-tuning when you switch blades.
Some designs had been certainly created thinking about experts customer, while others had been much more beginner friendly. If this can be your initial band saw, you’ll probably save yourself a large amount of frustration and time by selecting an unit with assembly that is easy and also blade changing.

Projects You Are Doing

There is absolutely no way around it – in case you are planning to work with more harder woods in the future or even make cuts on larger pieces of wood, you are likely to require a far more costly band saw. There is nothing worse than buying a tool and realizing it does not have the “oomph” you have to obtain the job done.

When you are intending to utilize your band saw for decades to come, you are likely to want one with an sturdy frame and cutting area. Each time you employ your band saw you are likely to place wear on it, and also several of these designs stand up to that better compared to others.

Easy To Change Blades

When you are going to do plenty amount of task with your band saw, get a tools that’s very easy to exchange blades on. Different blades are required by different projects, which means you might find yourself upgrading the blade whenever you work on new project.
Some band saws cuts really great but at the same time it’s difficult to exchange blade when a great band saw did both for you without any hassle. That’s the important thing you need to rectify realistically.


We’ve assembled a list of band saws which may be inexpensive on a wide variety of budgets. While the costlier ones may be several of the very best on the marketplace, they might come with addition features which is unnecessary for your projects.

In case you are just gonna use your band saw twice or once, there is no reason to purchase a far more costly type simply for the durability factor. Ensure you are looking in a manner that will get you the most value for all the tasks you are going to do.

Nevertheless, in case you would like to make much more complex, angled slices, you would be more well off investing a bit more cash. Having a far more effective band saw will even speed up the projects of yours, saving you a great deal of time in the end if you intend to make use of the machine regularly.

Much more expensive devices also often be much easier to create and adjust, again helping you save considerable time. Occasionally the time saved provides up to a much greater importance than the additional cash spent up front.

Horse Power

We have discussed this before that, having more power is not a bad thing at all. When you are making decision to purchase a band saw, it is very likely you are intending to perform a great deal with it for decades to come, and also you truly have to think about the level of that experience.

Craftsmanship is not often about the end product much as it’s around the method of creation. Ask yourself in case the experience some band saw is going to give you’ll be one which will spur you to develop more or even drive you out from the dealer altogether.
A band saw is just all about how well it cuts. Band saws which are much more effortlessly adaptable and also have much more features can make for much better cuts, and also much better cuts mean much better experiences and improved final products.

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